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A signature service. It's the food label regulatory detail you need if you don't already have a food label designed for Australia and NZ - but you have your recipe or food product specification 



Another signature service. It's the step you take when you already have a food label artwork that needs checking and you want  compliance instructions to give to your designer before you sell the food in Australia and NZ  



You will use this service when you need to check pesky substances, ingredients and/or additives are permitted (and if conditions apply) to be added to food sold in Australia and NZ 


You may have an idea for a new range of foods to launch, a bundle of labels to check, or require answers to curly regulatory questions when labelling foods with credence claims in Australia and NZ



New food imports for Australia/NZ

Exporting Australian/NZ compliant high-quality food


Wholesale/ Distribution

Training people to understand food labelling requirements

Functional food and ingredient manufacturers

Regulatory and scientific research

Australian food labels

Lead Consultant Profile

Janine Curll BSc LLB MAIFST PhD Can.
Janine Curll BSc LLB MAIFST PhD Candidate
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At Food Labelling Matters we help you compliantly label your foods and navigate complex regulatory requirements in Australia and New Zealand. Dr Janine Curll BSc LLB PhD MAIFST delivers the unique and tailored boutique food regulatory affairs speciality service. She personally helps you label both 'normal' grocery type foods as well as the more complexly formulated standardised foods. 

In 2020 Food Labelling Matters started to promote the use of Zigloa to food business clients. A friendly food label compliance platform based in New Zealand, Zigloa streamlines label copy creation and review processes by checking applicable regulations — reducing stress and HR costs. Follow the link or visit the Zigloa page for more information about how Zigloa can help your food business sell compliant foods. 

Janine is an ex-food labelling regulator and has a PhD (Monash University) on the Australian food labelling regulatory system; specifically, food labelling compliance and enforcement. She understands the food labelling requirements in Australia and New Zealand as well as the compliance & enforcement strategies and goals of regulators. With unique experience working for a government food safety and labelling regulator, the NSW Food Authority (where she was involved in implementing the new health claims framework (2007-2014)), she can help you navigate the food label requirements and capitalise on the intrinsic health benefits of your foods by promoting food using health claims. 

Dr Curll also operates the sister business Food Fraud Protection at where she delivers strategic outcomes in food fraud vulnerability assessments and mitigation programs. Food businesses standardised to a GFSI benchmarked auditing scheme (SQF, BRC and Freshcare) are now required to identify fraud vulnerabilities in their business systems and systematically control those risks. Janine can provide a holist food authenticity service for food businesses. Not only ensuring food labelling compliance but ensuring your brand's food integrity by mitigating opportunities for fraud in a world of food supply chains fraught with fraud.


Janine is the author of the peer-reviewed paper, 'The significance of food fraud in Australia' (2015) 43 Australian Business Law Review 270 which provides an overview of the food labelling and advertising legal framework in Australia.  In 2016 she co-authored Curll, Parker, MacGregor and Petersen, 'Unlocking the Energy of the Amazon? The Need for a Food Fraud Policy Approach to the Regulation of Anti-Ageing Health Claims on Superfood Labelling' (2016) 44(3) Federal Law Review 419, a comparative analysis of the Australia/NZ and European health claims laws. For a summary of the research, follow the link .

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Do you have a label for a food you want to ensure is compliant? Do you need to make a food label? Or have an idea for a functional food with health claims? Do you want to understand more about food label regulation in Australia? Contact Dr Janine Curll on this form for a confidential discussion about your food labelling matter.

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13 years of food labelling and compositional regulatory compliance experience. Lead Consultant is an ex-food label regulator and has a PhD on the compliance & enforcement in  Australia's food labelling regulatory system.

Reasonable rates

We charge competitive and reasonable rates for access to the food labelling skills and know-how usually only associated with in-house departments of Big Food companies.

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When we provide our quote for food labelling regulatory services we commit to a delivery date. Urgent consultations and express label compliance reviews are also available. 

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