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Nutrition, health and related claims
Food businesses can promote their foods with claims of their intrinsic health benefits or nutrition content. Those claims are called nutrient content claims and health claims. Nutrient content claims include 'high in fibre', 'low in sugar'. Health claims are about food providing a health benefit such as vitamins and a physiological function. These claims are now tightly regulated, but available to use if permission and sufficient substantiating evidence exist. New food-health relationships may also be self-substantiated and used when notified to FSANZ.
Janine is expert in compliance with the complex health claims standard - Standard 1.2.7. Standard 1.2.7 was introduced in 2016 and since 2018 all food businesses using claims to promote the sale of food must adhere to its complex set of permissions and restrictions. Janine can provide additional expert work to our signature regulatory translation and artwork validation processes, helping you capitalise on the intrinsic health and nutritional benefits of your food. An additional hourly rate applies. Please contact Janine on or use the contact form.
Novel food, ingredient, additive and nutritive substance regulatory advice
New and non-traditional substances when used in food may require additional research and regulatory advice with respect to their novelty and nutrient substance status. As an additional hourly service, Janine can undertake research tasks and explain regulatory risks associated with available regulatory pathways for your food products under development. Janine offers an additional regulatory risk advice and liaison with FSANZ on an hourly rate basis following discussions with clients. Please contact Janine on or use the contact form​.
Food or Complementary medicine? Interface guidance and risk analysis
Some food businesses promoting foods with labels that have health claims may 'sit' in a regulatory grey area known as the 'food/medicine interface'. Some products that look like foods may actually be therapeutic goods.  Some products may be best marketed as supplementary, functional foods.
Janine was an NSW government representative on regulator working groups with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and understands the regulatory risks and complexities in this space. Janine offers an additional regulatory risk advice on an hourly rate basis following discussions with clients. Please contact Janine on or use the contact form.
Liaison with state regulators or FSANZ 
Janine was a food regulator for 7 years specialising in food labelling compliance, food health claims, functional foods and novel food ingredients for the NSW Food Authority. She has a PhD in food labelling compliance and enforcement. She is well qualified and experienced to accompany your business representatives in any regulatory meetings with state enforcement agencies. Janine is strategic and works on a confidential basis, understanding the various operational compliance and enforcement strategies and goals food regulators are responsible for. This additional service is offered on an hourly basis to meet agreed outcomes with clients. Please contact Janine on or use the contact form​.
Unique food labelling compliance training workshops
Janine has developed a unique and insightful 2-day workshop on navigating food labelling regulatory matters in Australia/NZ to help food businesses achieve compliance and benefit from regulatory opportunities. Hundreds of food business professionals around the world have benefitted from webinars, seminars and workshops designed to demystify complex food labelling regulatory issues in Australia/NZ including food health claims, novel foods, nutritive substances, allergen labelling, nutrition content claims, high-level health claims, functional food development with self-substantiated food health relationships.
Janine can schedule a meeting to discuss your food labelling needs and the opportunity to enhance the collective food labelling compliance knowledge and capacity in your food business. Please also feel free to discuss our reasonable rates for delivering presentations and short labelling compliance workshops at your next corporate or team event. We tailor specialist food labelling compliance workshops to enhance your staff’s skill sets in food labelling compliance. Please contact Janine on or use the contact form​.

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