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At Food Labelling Matters we appreciate the trust you put in us when you hand us your food specification sheets, food recipes, draft food labels, food production identification and other food labelling compliance matters and accept our food regulatory risk related advice. We've earned that trust from hundreds of clients in the food industry, and we know we can earn it from you. All technical food labelling compliance services are personally performed by Dr Janine Curll B.Sc LL.B Ph.D MAIFST.  You should have all the confidence Janine applies extensive food regulatory knowledge, hands-on experience, academic research and a professional skill-set to help small food businesses market compliant food in Australia and NZ.


Dr Janine Curll was a food regulator in the Australian and NZ food regulatory framework. As an enforcement officer for the NSW Food Authority, Janine investigated and prosecuted non-compliance with the food labelling provisions of the Food Standards Code and Food Act. As a result, Janine is an expert in food labelling compliance requirements and the enforcement strategies of food regulators. Since leaving the government role, Janine achieved an advanced postgraduate law research degree in food labelling regulation compliance and enforcement. She understands the risks associated with marketing non-compliant foods and can help you navigate these complex food labelling requirements so you can continue to do what you are expert at.


Janine also provides related food authenticity and labelling services at a boutique sister business - Food Fraud Protection (www.foodfraudprotection.com). Food Fraud Protection exists to help you manage food integrity and systematically control food fraud risks across your food business. Janine can, therefore, when required, provide a holist service for your food business' food labelling matters and the requisite food fraud protection and compliance required when operating in today's global food supply.


Dr Curll was trained in food fraud prevention and fraud risk assessments by developers of leading assessment and implementation tools at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands as part of an EU Food Integrity project. Using her Ph.D on food labelling regulation and food fraud, Janine applies expert food labelling law knowledge as an Advisory Board member for the International Food Authenticity Assurance Organisation (IFAAO), an observer organisation at Codex Alimentarius - the global food standard setting agency under the auspices of the Food and Agriculture Organisation/ World Health Organisation.


Our aim at Food Labels Online, the owner of both businesses - Food Labelling Matters and Food Fraud Protection - whether your business needs involve food labelling compliance or food fraud protection, is to provide small food businesses access to and benefit from expert food labelling regulatory knowledge normally only held in-house by the competitive Big Food companies.

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Food law, food fraud, food science and food compliance regulatory conferences

Director, PhD and ex-food regulator Dr Janine Curll presents on food labelling compliance matters and food fraud protection at national and international food science, food safety, food labelling, food procurement, global food supply, food innovation and food law and regulation academic conferences. Follow links to watch presentations where available.

Presentations, training and speaker invites

Porter Novelli 'Food Trust, Transparency and Traceability' - 6 February 2019 (Sydney) and 14 February 2019  (Melbourne) 

- Key speaker: What is Food Fraud and How to protect your food brand?


University of Chemistry and Technology, Czech Republic (Prague). Food Integrity: Food Fraud Symposium & Post Graduate Training 3 - 5 September 2018

- Food Fraud and the law; see a link to the summary

Compliance Online - April 2018 (webinar)

- Food Fraud and Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessments

Australian Dairy Manufacturing Resource Centre and goTAFE - March 2018 (webinar)   

The Facts about Food Fraud; see a link to the webinar 

Monash University, Food Fraud: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly - 14 November 2017

- Food fraud breakfast Introduction; see a summary newsletter.


University of Melbourne, Food Labelling Workshop - 28-29 September 2017

- see link for a summary of papers


University of Cardiff, European Criminology Society Conference - 13-16 September 2017

- Situational Crime prevention of food fraud in Australia’s meat supply chain


Utrecht University, EUROC Workshop ‘Understanding Corporate Crime: theory and methods’ (28-31 August 2017)

- A criminological approach to the prevention of food fraud in Australia’s meat supply chain


University of Sydney, Food Governance conference - 2-3 November 2016 -  My Title: Food safety, food authenticity and regulating the risk of physical harm (academic)


Legalwise Seminars (UNSW) Food law: New rules, new strategies, Food advertising and labelling (November 2016) -  follow the link 


Food Innovation 2016 Conference (Sydney) - 2 Day event -27 and 28 September 2016 - Food fraud prevention (Presentation) and Health claims compliance (workshop). 
ComplianceOnline.com sponsored, ‘Food labelling and advertising requirements for foods sold in Australia and New Zealand’-  2-Day Workshop 25 and 26 August 2016, Brisbane Australia. 
Food Procure Conference ‘Food Fraud and application of SSAFE food fraud vulnerabilities tool’, 11 August 2016, Melbourne, Australia
Navigating Standard 1.2.7 – The regulation of nutrition, health and related claims in Australia and New Zealand, 30 May 2016 (online) – follow the link 


Naturally Good Expo, ‘Food fraud – What is it and how to protect your business’ – presentation, 1-2 May 2016 Moore Park, Sydney Australia


International Food Laws and Regulation course – MODULE: Overview of food regulation in Australia and New Zealand, 18 – 22 April 2016 (online)  at Institute for Food Laws and Regulation, Michigan State University, USA


ComplianceOnline.com sponsored, ‘Food labelling and advertising requirements for foods sold in Australia and New Zealand’ –  2-Day Workshop 7 & 8 April 2016 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


48th Annual AIFST Convention & 15th Australian Food Microbiology Conference, Sydney August 11-13, 2015 – Food Substitution


International Food Safety Network – Food Safety Fridays webinar August 2015 – Compliance with Standard 1.2.7


Are we being served? Prato, Italy (Monash University) 1-2 July 2015 – Food fraud – why regulate? Public interest arguments in the regulation of food fraud.


Swiss Food Science Meeting, Food Adulteration and Authenticity, Neuchatel, Switzerland 23-24 June 2015 – An account of food fraud from Australia


Association of Regulatory Clinicians and Scientists (ARCS) Scientific Congress (May 2015) – Exposing the evidence requirements along the food medicine continuum


International Food Safety Network – Food Safety Fridays webinar (March 2015) – Food fraud


Fair Food Conference (2014) University of QLD (December 2014) – Regulatory barriers (panel)


Animal Law Committee (NSW Law Society) (July 2014) Food labelling and animal welfare claims


HACCP food industry conference (August 2014) – Food Fraud and the link with allergens


FoodLegal Bulletin Symposium (2013) – Update on Health Claims – Enforcement of Standard 1.2.7


Australian Beverages Council (2013)– Health Claims Seminar – Compliance, Enforcement of Standard 1.2.7


Legalwise Seminar (2013) – Health claims on food labels – Enforcement of Standard 1.2.7


Informa Food Labelling Laws and Regulations Conference (2012) – Compliance and Enforcement of Labelling Laws and Regulations (Day 1); Chair of Day 2


Complementary Healthcare Council Annual Conference (2012) – Developments at the Food-Medicine regulatory interface


Legalwise Food Law seminar (2011) – Be Truthful, Be able to substantiate your claims



Previous Government Representative on Committees

As a NSW food regulator, Janine Curll was a member of the following national regulatory framework operating committees (2007 - 2014), representing the NSW Food Authority and state position when developing and implementing national food labelling compliance and enforcement policy:


Advisory Committee on Novel Foods


Implementation Sub-Committee on Food Regulation (Sub-committee of Food Regulation Standing Commitee (FRSC))


- Food/Medicine interface Working Group


- Standard 1.2.7 Development and Implementation Working Groups


- Imported Foods Working Group


Jurisdictional Forum (FSANZ and state regulators)

PhD (Monash University) 

Janine has a PhD (Monash University) on the food labelling regulatory system in Australia, with a focus on compliance and enforcement of food labelling.

Recent peer-reviewed publications:

Janine Curll, Christine Parker, Casimir MacGregor, Alan Petersen, Unlocking the energy of the Amazon? The need for a food fraud policy approach to the regulation of anti-ageing health claims on superfood labelling (2016) 44(3) Federal Law Review 419


Curll, J., 2016. Food Regulations in Australia and New Zealand. Reference Module in Food Sciences. Elsevier, pp. 1–8. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-08-100596-5.03405-3

Curll, J., The Significance of Food Fraud in Australia (2015) 43 Australian Business Law Review 270 

Present Academic instructions:

Course Developer and Instructor (online) at Michigan State University (USA) Global Food Laws Masters Course, Module: Food Laws and Regulations in Australia and NZ 

Academic research groups:

Anti-Ageing Treatment Market Research Project

The aim of the project is to reveal how expectations shape emerging treatment markets.  Contributed to research on 'anti-ageing’ health claim regulations in the sale of 'super foods': case study - acai berries. This project is funded by the Australian Research Council. Peer-review paper (in press)


The significance of food fraud in Australia

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