Regulatory Translation Report

Janine translates the food labelling compliance elements mentioned in a client's food specification, recipe or instructions. She expertly checks food label compliance of indicated elements against the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, measurement regulations and consumer law standards. The deliverable is a report with all food label compliance elements, including mandatory statements, detailed with legal references. Your designers can then use the Regulatory Translation Report to develop a food label to the artwork stage, with checked food regulatory elements applied. A set fee based on the type of food and number of regulatory translations is provided in a quote. Please contact Janine on or use the contact form.

The Regulatory Translation service includes checking and providing the following relevant information in an easy to understand Table:

  • Food ingredients and additives are permitted for use in that food

  • Any maximum allowed limits of substances used in the food are met (as per specification)

  • Any requirements for voluntary statements (*nutrient content and health claim label compliance under Standard 1.2.7 is an additional service (as below))

  • Identify all mandatory food labelling elements (name or description of food, statement of ingredients, date marking, country of origin, net weights, nutrition content claims and related voluntary claim compliance, characterising food ingredients and food components, substances used as food additives, nutritive substances added to food, food storage instructions, use instructions, allergen labelling, warning statements, food nutritional information panel)

  • Note legibility and size requirements for food labels

  • Consumer value claims compliance on labels and marketing material

  • Identify any food-specific product categorisation and related food labelling compliance

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