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Food Labelling Compliance Workshops

Food Labelling Compliance Workshops for your team


Janine has developed unique and insightful 2-day workshop on navigating food labelling regulatory matters in Australia/NZ to help businesses achieve compliance and benefit from regulatory opportunities. 


Hundreds of food business professionals around the world have benefitted from webinairs, seminars and workshops designed to demistify complex food labelling regulatory issues in Australia/NZ including health claims, novel foods, nutritive substances, allergen labelling, nutrition content claims, high level health claims, functional food development with self-substantiated food health relationships etc... 


Contact Janine directly to discuss the opportunity to enhance the collective food labelling compliance knowledge and capacity in your food business. 


Please also feel free to discuss our reasonable rates for delivering presentations and labelling compliance workshops at your next corporate or team event. We can tailor specialist food labelling compliance workshops to enhance your staff’s skill sets in food labelling compliance.

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